Murray Steele talking to the team

Ruby on Rails Training

Unboxed Consulting's Web Application Development using Ruby on Rails course is a week long, hands-on training programme that will launch you into working with one of the web's most advanced development environments.

You will gain a solid foundation in Ruby and will be able to write clean, idiomatic code. We will build on this foundation, explaining the Rails framework, teaching you about the active record pattern and how it's used to build highly scalable web apps.

Emphasis will be placed on doing things 'the right way', as agreed upon by the Ruby on Rails community and our team of in-house developers. On completion of the course, you will have built a Rails application to a professional standard.

We'll also cover:

  • Source control using the Git versioning system
  • Contributing to the open-source community
  • Test-driven development using Test::Unit and RSpec
  • Code re-use via Rubygems
  • Other key concepts including representational state transfer and web-MVC.

Who should attend: Web Programmers who are familiar with HTML and CSS and are familiar with another programming language's constructs but haven't used Ruby on Rails before.

Please get in touch if you are interested, but can't make the date as we put on courses throughout the year. We also offer discounts for groups who book together.

Please note: Cancellation terms and conditions apply*

Location: Blossom Street, London, E1
Dates: Monday 15th - Friday 19th September 2014
Cost: £ 1,200 + VAT per person