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A Ruby-plated breakfast

Posted by Graeme McCubbin 10 months ago

July saw our CTO, Andrew White host the Ruby on Rails 4.2 networking breakfast, right here at Unboxed Consulting HQ.

Members of the Ruby community attended this one-off session to hear what’s coming in Rails 4.2, straight from our very own Ruby on Rails contributor and Rails Core Team Member.


The morning began with a delicious standing breakfast, giving everyone the chance to meet, chat and mingle. This was a fantastic opportunity for to introduce our London office and members of the team.


To have dev over the eight

Posted by Murray Steele 10 months ago

markdown_checkboxes - Chris B

I found this very handy little gem whilst developing an internal app which might be useful for other projects. markdown_checkboxes renders checkboxes from markdown, Github style, e.g.:

- [ ] Some task to do
- [x] A task I've done already

It also lets you update the status of the checkboxes by clicking through a simple PUT/PATCH request. There's more details on the announcement blog post

How RSpec stubs and mocks


The seven deadly devs

Posted by Murray Steele 10 months ago

Pleasing colours - Tom S

A JavaScript library to create aesthetically pleasing colours.

We Use That - Tom S

Read up about how startups start up. There are numerous interviews with the people behind frameworks like Meteor or applications like 1Password, describing their technology stack and software that they use to develop their systems.

Morphing Buttons - Tom S


Six of one, half a dev of another

Posted by Murray Steele 10 months ago

Internal Hackdays - Murray

Melinda Seckington writes on the Future Learn blog about their recent internal hackday and gives some tips about how to run your own one. We ran an internal hack day at ubxd earlier this year, and these tips will be great for when we run another.

Temporary code - Murray

This short article from Chris Parsons serves as a great reminder of the...