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Pre Summer Dev Newsletter (2 weeks to go)

Posted by Seb Jacobs over 1 year ago

Are coders worth it?

An interesting article which questions the value of the work we do.

Wrapping up a C Library for Ruby. It's actually pretty easy!

Another blog post about writing a ruby wrapper for a c library.

The Race For Speed Part 1

The first in a series of articles about the history of javascript engines and how...

The Week In Which Arrested Development Came Back

Posted by Carl Whittaker over 1 year ago

Rollit - Google Chrome Experiments

Yet another experiment from the Chrome clan. This one makes use of mobile accelerometers and html5 technologies. Cool tricks!

Submitted by Andy M

The Airbnb Javascript Style Guide

I'm not a fan of style guides in general. They often have seemingly arbitrary "rules" in them with little or no explanation and that frustrates me. The argument that they are helpful for newbies doesn't ring true for me either as I think the best way to learn a language is to...

Dev Newsletter (Week 21, 2013)

Posted by Attila Gyorffy over 1 year ago

The next instalment of the Unboxed Developer Newsletter is mainly focused on front-end development practices but I reckon these would be interesting to anybody who's a little bit keen to get a better understanding of web development in general.

Controlling lines of text in CSS

A collection of handy techniques to control text content by gracefully 'cutting off' dynamic text.

(submitted by Andrew Mitchell)

Writing Testable JavaScript

This one totally nails the approach to modular development...

Newsletter of Brevity

Posted by Ben Wong over 1 year ago

Because sometimes these things get too long.

Brosie the Riveter

Sexism in the workplace and an amazing response.

Rails method of the week: class_attribute

Create inheritable class attributes that can be overridden.

The Stobart Awakens

I've always been confused by the different git workflows. Not quite sure how...