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Developer Newsletter, 20th September

Posted by Seb Jacobs over 1 year ago

Assignment or comparison? - Matt P

Lots of languages use the single-equals and double-equals operators for assignment and comparison, respectively. What happens when one is used in place of another? Often it's merely a bug, occasionally it's a syntax error. But in the rare instance, it's a root-level backdoor exploit attempt on the Linux kernel. Scary yet awesome.

The comic about the value of questions and answers. Ben W


Programmers' day newsletter

Posted by Tom ten Thij over 1 year ago

Flynn - Open source Platform as a Service powered by Docker

Flynn is a Heroku-inspired system that simplifies deploying and maintaining applications. Instead of using complex configuration management systems, Flynn allows self-serve management of containerized deployments, making life easier for ops and developers.

(Attila Györffy)

Apparently today is Programmers' Day..

Have a drink to celebrate

Developer Newsletter, 6th September

Posted by Attila Gyorffy over 1 year ago

This week brought to you by Attila Györffy.

This week I'd like to start the newsletter by something fresh, somthing that is more of a set of eye candies, a set of experiments by front-end experts:


Here's an interesting concept of context switching: Kontext by Hakim El Hattab could be used in mobile interfaces or even to drive full screen presentations. Nice and fresh transitions driven by CSS3.

60fps mobile apps

Paul Lewis (of Google fame) has written up his findings on how to...

On the 29th anniversary of Space Shuttle Discovery's maiden flight

Posted by Matt Peperell over 1 year ago

ECMAScript Internationalisation API - Carl

Internationalisation and localisation has always been an impossible minefield of implementation headaches. The i18n API aims to provide an interface for accurately tailoring numbers, dates and strings to local contexts. The following article gives a run through of what is available and the state of browser implementations.

The Klingon Forehead Problem - Ben J

Not really anything to do with dev...