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Post Halloween Developer Newsletter - 4th October

Posted by Richard Archer about 1 year ago

Resolving schema hack nightmares - Pawel

Auto resolving schema conflicts

Cool hack on how to make sure your schema conflicts are always good to go.

Starlogs - MattP

Starlogs is a toy for github projects. Give it a project owner and project, and see the commits rendered in the style of the Star Wars story. There's even a predictable theme tune. Here's what it looks like for the devise authentication library:

What is your type - Ben J


How do you like them links?!

Posted by Murray Steele over 1 year ago

Getting to know pluck and select - MattP

ActiveRecord#select is well known, and added in version rails 3.2 is its similar cousin pluck. How do the two compare? This blog goes into some detail, but the tl;dr version is that pluck is more efficient if you're not using the whole object.

Upgrading to rails 4 - MattP

This book, originally written by Andy Lindeman, has now been released...

The blog post title!

Posted by Elizabeth Curson over 1 year ago

Goodafternoon ladies and gentlemen,

it's Friday. You know what that means? Time for another exciting instalment of the Unboxed Developers Newsletter. If that isn't enough to get you excited, you are probably dead, non technical, or worse, both.

JS Testing - Murray

James Coglan is writing a book on Javascript testing. What makes this special is that James is the author of open source work like Faye and vault, talks like Writing a language in 15 minutes and articles like Callbacks are...

The best dev newsletter you will read today

Posted by Elizabeth Curson over 1 year ago

Goodmorning boys and girls,

I hope this newsletter finds you bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to click some links!

Online editor- Tom ten Thij

Pretty neat online html, css and js editor with sharing capability:

Fish! - Tom ten Thij

Animated css3 fish tank, (look ma, no javascript)

You can't JavaScript Under Pressure- Veronika

Do you 'thrive under pressure'? If so you'll have no problems beating my abysmal score of 14 minutes and 13...