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UBXDDEV Vol. 3.9

Posted by Murray Steele 9 months ago

Fast Ruby - Pedro

This is a nice repo with code examples from Erik Michaels-Ober's “Writing Fast Ruby” talk, presented at Baruco and RubyconfPT (video and slides). I found the talk really interesting and it is great work by Juanito Fatas in keeping the repo up to date with examples.

The effort of OSS - Pedro

As developers, we rely so much on an amazing body of work that is...

Cognitive Bias, Product Management and you

Posted by Carlo Kruger 10 months ago


This all started for me sometime back in the late 90s. I was having a conversation with a friend that ran something like this: "I get evolution. I really do, I can see how it has worked by looking at the various species. What I don't get is how evolution explains consciousness. Thinking, feeling, self-reflecting humans. I don't see the same intermediate forms I do with other animal traits."

Anthony introduced me to the work of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Steven Pinker. They were...

UBXDDEV Vol. 3.8

Posted by Murray Steele 10 months ago

Boring Developers - Murray

The article is specifically about being a boring front-end developer, but I think the general principle applies to all developers. Take a calm and measured approach and think about all of your users, remembering that users here means people using your software and the future developers working on your code.

Angular JS: The Bad Parts - Murray

Filling Gaps

Posted by Martyn Evans 10 months ago

Kintsukuroi: The beauty of being broken

We’re not big on job titles at Unboxed Consulting and if you have the smarts to get through the door you can pretty much grab any one that takes your fancy assuming there’s no reasonable resistance. I took "Head of Product" without much thought about the implications but quite enjoyed the sense of importance it might give me - lolz.

We are generally much clearer concerning the roles we adopt within our client engagements. When working on a well established product or where there’s a degree of...