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Two Months at Unboxed!

Posted by Tillie McCarthy over 1 year ago

Tillie McCarthy

During these last two months I have been doing a lot mainly involving assisting in pairing proposals, updating CV’s as part of our customer submissions and researching about marketing and sales agencies that are helpful to Unboxed Consulting. I also attended an event, which was a great experience. I have learnt many useful skills so far from joining unboxed and look forward to learning many more.

Shirin Ullah

I have been working closely with Suki the Finance Manager! I have ...

Dev Newsletter for the week

Posted by Leo Cassarani over 1 year ago

An unusually short newsletter for an unusually short week.

Rails' Insecure Defaults (Murray)

This article starts with some that have recently been fixed or are good defaults and then lists some that still exist. The problem is that a lot of the still existing ones seem quite tenuous. For example two of them are about exploits that exist if you are using WEBrick in production; I'm almost certain no-one is. Still, I s...

[Insert your own punny title for the Developer newsletter here]

Posted by Richard Archer over 1 year ago

[Snappy introduction and witty segue]

Here are this week's links - enjoy the weekend!

Event Aggregator And/Or/vs Mediator: A Tale of Two Patterns - Jörg D

Clearly written article on explaining the difference between the Event Aggregator and the Mediator patterns.

You are watching your DNS logs, right? - Tom TT

How Facebook discovered a co...

Daring Snowball

Posted by Pawel Janiak over 1 year ago

Long Error messages - Matt P

Error handling notwithstanding, usually developers try not to have our code generate error messages if we can at all help it. But turning that tenet on its head is this stackoverflow post which explores a few attempts at generating intentionally long error messages.

Vagrant 1.1 available with a VMware Fusion provider - Attila

I have been waiting for the new Vagrant release for quite a while, mostly because...