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The most anticipated newsletter of the year

Posted by Karl Entwistle about 1 year ago

Teaching TDD - Murray

Justin Searls writes up why he is changing how he teaches TDD. Of course, it's not just about teaching TDD, but a nuanced discussion of the benefits of TDD. It's good to have a refresher on this stuff, and I particularly liked the discussion of the testing pitfalls around applying classic extract-* refactorings.

Progressive Enhancement - Murray

Progressive Enhancement is an approach to building websites that seems to flit in and out of popularity every couple of years...

How dot voting can reveal the unexpected

Posted by Glenn Smith about 1 year ago

While facilitating a stakeholder workshop recently, I ran two rounds of grouping and ordering. One I used dot voting, one didn’t. On reflection I was surprised with the results.

The question asked during these processes following a pattern of, what are your top three things you do/don’t like about a tool. The stakeholders wrote their three things on post-it notes, which where then collected and read out in random order, and the stakeholders agreed on their grouping.

In the first round, we...

Happy New Year Unboxedians and commiserations on the ashes

Posted by Tyrone Toplis about 1 year ago

Git commit messages again - Murray

You’ve probably thought about writing better commit messages, but have you ever thought about writing the commit messages before you write the code? I'm not really sold on the idea as I’m quite a messy developer; I tend to write a bunch of code then use git add -p to tidy that up into a series of atomic commits and repeat the process with some git rebase for good measure. I also think the “if we write tests before the code, why not commit messages too”...

The Devmas Newsletter

Posted by Andrew Mitchell about 1 year ago

Add some Christmas cheer to your website.. - Andy M

Yes it is that time of year for horrible CSS to be banded around the internet. How about adding some snow to your site using this CSS trick.

Docker for Rubyists - Attila G

Docker is a pretty awesome tool and one that I think will have a pretty big impact on how we do development. But, if you haven’t had much experience with Linux containers (or virtual...