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Diving Into the Front End

Posted by Neil Van Beinum 9 months ago

I recently completed my first stretch on a project as a front end developer here at Unboxed. In this article I'll share some basic principles and tools that I've learnt about along the way with the help of Tom and Alex in particular.

CSS Architecture

Preprocessors such as SASS allow front end developers to split styling rules into multiple "partial" files which are merged into a single CSS output. It's really nice to have the styling rules compartmentalised in this way and I found it helped me...

UBXDDEV Vol. 3.7

Posted by Murray Steele 9 months ago

Containers discussion - Jim

A nice description of containers, comparing and contrasting them to hypervisors, from the guys at Parallels.

Intro to HTTP - Neil

A tasty five-part series providing an introduction to HTTP

  1. Resources
  2. Messages
  3. Connections
  4. Archite...

Rapid UI prototyping and getting on the Rails

Posted by Martyn Evans 9 months ago

UI prototype on phone

Having only been in my current position for ten months, there are many members of the Unboxed team I haven’t had the pleasure to work with yet, Chris (Crystal) Carter being one of them. When we both found ourselves "on the bench” a couple of weeks ago, we decided to take some innovation days together.

At the beginning of day one we took a moment to identify a few things we each hoped to get out of the time. Chris was keen to explore some lean product development methods following on from his...

UBXDDEV Vol. 3.6

Posted by Murray Steele 9 months ago

Ruby Kaigi writeups - Murray

Write ups of the Ruby Kaigi conference by Godfrey Chan. Unlike most of the ruby conferences I read about or attend, Ruby Kaigi seems to be more focussed on the development of ruby itself rather than development with ruby. It's really interesting to see what is coming in future versions of...