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Cucumbers, Missed High Fives, Dancing Hungarians and more...

Posted by Lee Richmond over 1 year ago

In all seriousness…

The Cucumbers Strike Back! (Jolyon)

Good to see the cucumberistas fighting back.

Rails 4 Update! (Murray)

In Rails 4, we'll finally be getting first class API support in ActiveRecord for the SQL not and like operators: 


No word as yet on the unbelievably complex OR operator.

It take all sorts! (Matt P)

As developers,  sorting data is frequently an integral part of our work. Rails hides the implementation away, so it...

This week: Faster Rails tests, Interactive Video, Lovely Interfaces and the history of BBC News online

Posted by Richard Archer over 1 year ago

Fast Rails Tests Through Behavior Verification (Pawel)

A goodly amount of hints and tips about getting your Rails tests to run faster; mostly through changing the design of your code. http://chill.manilla.com/2012/11/15/fast-rails-tests/

Redmon (Pawel)

Redmon is a Sinatra-based web interface for Redis that you can mount onto your Rails applications to manage live monitoring, getting access to the CLI and having the option to flush your keys. This is particularly useless if you want to use the...

Installing Sphinx 0.9 on Mountain Lion using Homebrew

Posted by Attila Gyorffy over 1 year ago

Here at Unboxed we often need to support older, legacy software. Keeping legacy software in a working condition while development platforms evolve could be sometimes tough.

Most Rails applications in the past have been making use of Sphinx's indexing service to implement search functionality.

Today I had a quite unpleasant scenario when I had to install Sphinx on a newly installed Mac OS, Mountain Lion.

I turned to my favourite package manager, Homebrew to install Sphinx, unfortunately it...

Return Of The ActiveSupport method of the week (Mark Morrison style)

Posted by Carl Whittaker over 1 year ago

ActiveSupport method of the week File#atomic_write (thanks to Leo)

atomicwrite(filename, temp_dir = Dir.tmpdir)

Write to a file atomically. Useful for situations where you don’t want other processes or threads to see half-written files.

File.atomic_write("important.file") do |file|

If your temp directory is not on the same filesystem as the file you’re trying to write, you can provide a different temporary directory.