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Agile metrics

Posted by Richard Stobart over 1 year ago

I have been asked recently about what metrics we would use to measure an organisation's key delivery metrics. Several PMOs are keen on metrics and measures - it gives them a reason to exist.

When we deliver training or try to explain Agile Delivery we talk about "The Sausage Machine". Try to make your delivery organisation like a very efficient sausage machine where high-value raw business requirements are fed in at the top and the sausages - working software in production - is delivered ...

The Week Preceding Early May Bank Holiday

Posted by Matt Peperell over 1 year ago

Enjoy the long weekend, folks!

Drag and drop bootstrap design - MattP

Rapid prototyping with drag+drop twitter bootstrap - explains all

Intern - Carl

Automated cross browser JavaScript testing. It's like a smart TestSwarm which can run locally or against saucelabs/your own selenium grid. I think I'll be giving this a crack. It's async stuff is promise based because that's cool.

An intervention for ActiveRecord - Leo


Almost April's last newsletter

Posted by Tom ten Thij over 1 year ago

Murray Steele

Public Domain is not Open Source

I have a personal preference for not putting a license on software, because there are too many debates to be had about which is the "best" OSS license. Until now, if asked I'd just say my stuff is public domain, or at a push, CC0. Turns out that according to the above (admittedly biased) FAQ this decision might be a bad one, and they suggest that CC0 isn't good enough either.

unlicense do provide an opposing point of view whic...

Dev Links

Posted by Grant Speelman over 1 year ago

Matt Peperell

wysiwyg for responsive sites

This week's work on Apps for Good has been challenging in a number of ways. One of the largest time-sinks has been the responsive design. Here's a WYSIWYG editor for responsive design.

Growing a Language

Here's one from the archives that recently surfaced on Twitter. It's a talk by Guy Steele on designing a programming language which can easily be grown and extended by the userbase.