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New Apprentice - Shirin

Posted by Shirin Ullah over 1 year ago

In January 2013 I began a pre-apprenticeship programme with Middleton Murray where I was trained for 4 weeks, completing a BTEC in Customer Service and Work Skills, Whilst being at Middleton Murray I have met some inspirational people as well as new people similar age to myself. After my 3 weeks training we had various companies coming in who were taking on apprentice's one of which was Unboxed Consulting! I had been successful and was offered a Office Admin position. It was an amazing offer as ...

New Apprentices - Abbie & Tillie

Posted by Abbie Ferguson over 1 year ago

We started Unboxed on 18th February 2013, Abbie as a marketing apprentice and Tillie as a sales apprentice. We are very excited about getting involved with the company and progressing throughout our one year placement. We were in MiddletonMurray's pre-apprenticeship scheme and from here Unboxed Consulting came to employ candidates and we were lucky enough to be chosen. Whilst at MiddletonMurray we gained 2 BTEC qualifications, in customer service and work skills. We had to write pitches to say t...

Open Device Lab in Cape Town

Posted by Steve Barnett over 1 year ago

The web is going everywhere and anywhere it can, and the devices that people consume it on are very varied: from tiny Nokia feature phones to the latest iPad. As web developers, we want to make sure that our sites look and work great everywhere. Testing on all these devices, assuming you even have access to them, is no mean feat. To help each other, developers over the world have been creating Open Device Labs: shared community pools of devices for testing web work on.

The bigness of mobile


Five myths about SMEs and public sector procurement

Posted by Richard Stobart over 1 year ago

Far from being a bad fit for the public sector, SMEs hold the key to key to innovation and can bring jaw-dropping cost savings.

Civil servants have often been wary about working with smaller companies, especially when it comes to high-profile areas like public sector software development. Why risk working with a small company when you can collaborate with a big, well-known one? Well, it turns out that SMEs have advantages that larger ones don’t – and fewer downsides than people assume.

Myth 1:...