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Unboxed Roundup: our links for w/c 24th November 2014

Posted by Murray Steele 9 months ago

Autosquashing in git rebase - Alex

A nifty efficiency boost for squashing your branches

Actually using the database - Murray

This article explores (in the context of writing a Haskell application) actually letting our databases do what they're good at and making use of their features to provide some of the things that our frameworks deal with in code. Rails suggests keeping all...

Digital Webinar Series: Communication Ceremonies

Posted by Graeme McCubbin 9 months ago

Richard Stobart held the second instalment of our current Digital Webinar Series, titled: 'Communication Ceremonies: why, what and how to communicate to increase the pace at early stage digital product development’.


Topics covered included:

• How to put the audience at ease
• How to encourage feedback
• Who to invite and what to
• Passive, continual and transparent communication

Among the insights shared were:

• Get the Product Owner to run the Show and Tell - get them to cover what was...

Unboxed Roundup: our links for w/c 17th November 2014

Posted by Murray Steele 9 months ago

Prioritise your features with data - Dom

Dan McKinley of Etsy gives a very frank and honest presentation on the art of using data and common sense to prioritise web product features. Great insight.

A statically-typed Ruby? - Murray

In a write up of Ruby Kaigi that we linked to previously there was some mention of new features...

What is there to know about outsourcing?

Posted by Richard Stobart 9 months ago

At our recent event, we discovered the 'new rules' of outsourcing. I opened the floor to our attendees, finding out what they really wanted to know about outsourced agile teams:

When does outsourcing work really well? What are your top tips for making outsourcing work efficiently?


"Outsourcing is a partnership and partnerships work well when they are based on trust and constantly nurtured by frequent, open communication. I would focus on making outsourcing “effective” rather than...