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Rich Archer's talk at Cape Town Front End Developers

Posted by Steve Barnett over 1 year ago

Near the end of last year, Bruce Lawson of Opera Software was in Cape Town for the Content Strategy Forum conference. A couple of Front End web developers got their heads together and organised a talk by Bruce while he was still in town.

Since then, we've formed the Cape Town Front End Developers group on Google groups and on After a slow start to year, our first talk was by Unboxed's own Rich Archer. Friends of Design kindly provided the venue.

Rich's talk was about CSS, s...

National Apprenticeship Week

Posted by Tillie McCarthy over 1 year ago

Tillie McCarthy

I started as a Sales apprentice over three weeks ago. During these three weeks I’ve had many opportunities to learn new things, get involved with the team and gain new skills to help progress with my NVQ. The other apprentices and I spent a day learning about the agile process, specifically "The Unboxed Way" this helped a lot as it gave me a lot of knowledge on how the company was run. I've enjoyed my time here so far as everyone has been very welcoming and the atmosphere is gre...

Five facilitation techniques for promoting Agile for government

Posted by Richard Stobart over 1 year ago

Although private software developers have long been fans, Agile in the public sector is only just starting to gain momentum – and it’s proving well worth the effort. Here are five tips for running fun, productive workshops.

National government may not seem like the most obvious fit for Agile methodology, but where it has been adopted – perhaps most notably in public sector software development – the results have been startlingly impressive. Moving from old structures and methodologies to a new ...

Improve your week with this 1 weird old tip

Posted by Murray Steele over 1 year ago

Ok, so it's more like 16 perfectly normal new tips. Sorry for misleading you. Anyway here they are:

Tips from Matt P

Software bloat

People often complain about software bloat. Sometimes this complaining is even justified. Here is an article from at least as far back as 2006 (I've been unable to find an original publication date) which delves deep into the ELF binary format in order to see just how small a functional program...